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Pooh's First Birthday

Winnie The Pooh 1st Birthday Decorations! Everyone loves Winnie The Pooh! For your little Piglet or Roo's first birthday party, pooh's first birthday is the perfect theme. With accent colors like green, turquoise and hot pink, this classic Pooh theme will never disappoint!

Pooh's First Birthday Party Kit
Pooh’s First Birthday Invitations - GN
Pooh’s First Birthday Thank-You Notes - GN
Pooh’s First Birthday Stickers - GN
Pooh’s First Birthday 16oz Cup - GN
Pooh’s First Birthday 9oz Cups - GN
Pooh’s First Birthday Beverage Napkin - GN
Pooh’s First Birthday Luncheon Napkin - GN
Pooh’s First Birthday Dessert Plates - GN
Pooh’s First Birthday Dinner Plates - GN
Pooh’s First Birthday Table Cover - GN
Pooh Birthday Molded Candle 1st General
Pooh’s First Birthday Centerpiece - GN
Pooh’s First Birthday Centerpiece Mini Assortment - GN
Pooh’s First Birthday Confetti - GN
Pooh's 1st Birthday 11" Latex Assorted
Pooh Characters 25-ct Latex Balloon Value Pack
Pooh Umbrella 35-in SuperShape Foil Balloon
Pooh 1st Birthday Super Shape 28" Foil
Pooh's First Birthday Balloon Bouquet
"AirWalker" Winnie the Pooh 37-in Foil Balloon
Winnie the Pooh & Friends 22" Bubble Balloon
Winnie the Pooh SeeThru 26-in Foil Balloon
Adorable Winnie the Pooh 18-in Foil Balloon
Pooh & Friends 18-in Baby's 1st Birthday Foil Balloon
Pooh & Friends 18-in Happy Birthday Foil Balloon
Winnie the Pooh Supershape 30-in Foil Balloon
Pooh Friendly Flower Shaped 18-in Foil Balloon
Tickled 30" Tiger Head Shaped Balloon
Pooh's Birthday Giant Decorating Kit
Pooh’s First Birthday Banner - GN
Pooh’s First Birthday Streamer - GN
Pooh’s First Birthday Baking Cups - GN
Pooh’s First Birthday Cupcake Holders - GN
Pooh’s First Birthday Decorating Kit - GN
Pooh’s First Birthday Birthday Bib - GN
Pooh’s First Birthday Blowouts - GN
Soft Pooh Birthday Cake Hat with Candles
Pooh Birthday Cone Hat With Ears
Winnie the Pooh Ears - Soft Headband
Piglet Ears - Soft Headband
Tigger Soft Ears and Tail
Eeyore Soft Ears and Tail
Pooh’s First Birthday Cone Hat - GN
Pooh’s First Birthday Visor - GN
Pooh’s First Birthday Finger Puppets - GN
Pooh’s First Birthday High Chair Decorating Kit
Pooh’s First Birthday Party Picks - GN
Pooh’s First Birthday Photo Holder Notes - GN
Pooh’s First Birthday Treat Boxes - GN
Pooh’s First Birthday Treat Sacks - GN
Pooh’s First Birthday Wall Decoration - GN
Pooh & Friends Pinata 3D Pooh
7" Turquoise Plates
9 oz Turquoise Cups
9" Turquoise Plates
75 ft Turquoise Curl Ribbon
24 pc Turquoise Cutlery
50 ct Turquoise Drink Napkins
50 ct Turquoise Lunch Napkins
Decorative Turquoise Tablecover
12" Island Blue Latex Balloon
7" Lime Plates
9 oz Lime Cups
9" Lime Plates
Kiwi Latex Balloon
75 ft Lime Curl Ribbon
24 pc Lime Cutlery
50 ct Lime Drink Napkins
50 ct Lime Lunch Napkins
Lime Star Balloon 18"
81 ft Lime Crepe Streamer
Decorative Lime Tablecover
7" Hot Magenta Plates
9 oz Hot Magenta Cups
9" Hot Magenta Plates
75 ft Hot Magenta Curl Ribbon
24 pc Hot Magenta Cutlery
50 ct Hot Magenta Drink Napkins
50 ct Hot Magenta Lunch Napkins
81 ft Hot Magenta Crepe Streamer
Decorative Hot Magenta Tablecover
12" Satin Raspberry Latex Balloon
Host the Hundred Acre Wood at your own house with Pooh’s First Birthday theme, featuring all of Christopher Robin’s friends!

Winnie the Pooh’s 1st Birthday

Perfect for any girl or boy theme, Winnie the Pooh is a childhood classic. For those of us at, this theme is a favorite. We carry a variety of products including but not limited to Pooh confetti, cupcake baking cups, Winnie finger puppets, Pooh bear ear visors, a Pooh's 1st birthday head pinata and high chair decorating kit. With such a classic theme, there are so many ways to add to this theme and make it your own. One of our best selling party favors for the Pooh's First Birthday theme is our honey pots! A mini ceramic honey jar complete with spoon and bee decorations, this is the perfect party favor to say "thanks for beeing here!" Some Pooh theme ideas from our experts:

  • Our Winnie ear visors not only look adorable in photos but make a great, inexpensive party favor to give to kids to take home.
  • Our Hundred Acre Woods cupcake holders help prevent spilling, and let each child and guest feel special to have their own special cake.
  • Directing your guests to the party destination can be tough, for a Winnie the Pooh theme, making guiding signs that say things like "This way to the Hundred Acre Wood", "This way to Christopher Robbins house", "The party will bee on your left" or "Bounce this way to Tigger's birthday party" can be an entertaining and eye catching way to get their attention.
  • For young children, a great source of entertainment is the Winnie movies! Have them playing in the background throughout the party.
  • For something simple and sweet to eat to go with the theme, is honey sticks! Made in all sorts of flavors, honey sticks can be found at most outdoor markets or nearest bee farm. They can also be found online.
  • Get a Winnie the Pooh coloring book for kids to color!
  • Make the cake the shape of a Pooh-bear face! With a circular cake pan, make the face, and use two cupcakes for the ears!
  • Don't know all the kids names? Easy. Make name tags of every Hundred Acre Wood friend (i.e. Tigger, Christopher Robin) and let the kids choose who they wanna be for a day!
  • Face paint Tigger stripes or Pooh noses for the kids!
  • Another possible party favor idea could be to buy Hundred Acre Woods stuffed animals for the kids to take home!