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Pooh & Friends Happy Birthday Decorations

Blue, green, and red Pooh & Friends birthday decorations make party time fun!

Have a ‘hunny’ of a party with Pooh Bear!

Birthdays are so bouncy, trouncy, fun, fun, fun when decorated with our Pooh & Friends birthday supplies! The loveable, heartwarming bear created by A.A. Milne that we’ve come to love through the years will be the perfect choice to help celebrate your little girl or boy’s special birthday party!

These Pooh & Friends party supplies feature cheerful colors in sky blue, grassy green, and sunshine yellow with scenes of the friendly Pooh bear himself, along with his 100 Acre Wood friends: Piglet, Eeyore, and Tigger! With items like banners, stickers, danglers, streamers and all of the usual table ware, the Pooh and Friends theme has everything you need to host the perfect birthday party for your special son or daughter. Invite your friends and family to one of ‘hunny’ of a party with the Pooh and Friends theme because “Friendship is a very comforting thing to have.” -A.A. Milne
Pooh and Friends Birthday Invitations
Pooh and Friends Birthday Thank You Cards
Pooh and Friends Birthday Sticker Pack
Pooh and Friends Birthday Square 7" Dessert Plates
Pooh and Friends Birthday Square 9" Dinner Plates
Pooh and Friends Birthday 9 oz Beverage Cups
Pooh and Friends Birthday Drink Napkins
Pooh and Friends Birthday Lunch Napkins
Pooh and Friends Birthday Plastic 16 oz Keepsake Cup
Pooh and Friends Birthday Decorative Tablecover
Pooh’s First Birthday Centerpiece - GN
Pooh’s First Birthday Centerpiece Mini Assortment - GN
Pooh’s First Birthday Confetti - GN
Pooh's 1st Birthday 11" Latex Assorted
Pooh Characters 25-ct Latex Balloon Value Pack
Pooh 1st Birthday Super Shape 28" Foil
Pooh's First Birthday Balloon Bouquet
Pooh Umbrella 35-in SuperShape Foil Balloon
"AirWalker" Winnie the Pooh 37-in Foil Balloon
Winnie the Pooh & Friends 22" Bubble Balloon
Winnie the Pooh SeeThru 26-in Foil Balloon
Adorable Winnie the Pooh 18-in Foil Balloon
Pooh & Friends 18-in Baby's 1st Birthday Foil Balloon
Pooh & Friends 18-in Happy Birthday Foil Balloon
Winnie the Pooh Supershape 30-in Foil Balloon
Pooh Friendly Flower Shaped 18-in Foil Balloon
Tickled 30" Tiger Head Shaped Balloon
Pooh's Birthday Giant Decorating Kit
Pooh’s First Birthday Wall Decoration - GN
Pooh’s First Birthday Decorating Kit - GN
Pooh and Friends Birthday Dangling Decorations
Pooh and Friends Birthday Plastic Banner Decoration
Pooh and Friends Birthday Crepe Streamer
Pooh & Friends Pinata 3D Pooh
Soft Pooh Birthday Cake Hat with Candles
Pooh Birthday Cone Hat With Ears
Winnie the Pooh Ears - Soft Headband
Tigger Soft Ears and Tail
Eeyore Soft Ears and Tail
Piglet Ears - Soft Headband
Pooh and Friends Birthday 48-piece Favor Pack
Pooh and Friends Birthday Goody Bag - Pre-filled
Pooh and Friends Birthday Party Favor Boxes
Pooh and Friends Birthday Hunny Pot Favor Bags
Pooh and Friends Birthday Bubble Bottle Favors
Pooh and Friends Birthday Rub-on Tattoo Favors
Pooh’s First Birthday Blowouts - GN
Pooh’s First Birthday Finger Puppets - GN
Pooh’s First Birthday Cone Hat - GN
Pooh and Friends Birthday Pooh Ears Headband Favors
Pooh and Friends Birthday Prize Ribbon
Pooh and Friends Birthday Memory Matching Game
Pooh’s First Birthday High Chair Decorating Kit
Pooh’s First Birthday Birthday Bib - GN
Pooh Birthday Molded Candle 1st General
Pooh’s First Birthday Cupcake Holders - GN
Pooh’s First Birthday Party Picks - GN
Pooh’s First Birthday Photo Holder Notes - GN
Happy Birthday Banner Moveable Decorations
"BIG DAY!" Moveable Decorations
Fill-and-Spill All Star Sports Bag - Melissa & Doug
Wooden Stacking Train Toy - Melissa & Doug
Soft Rainbow Stacker Toy - Melissa & Doug
Sidewalk Chalk Bucket

Welcome to the 100 Acre Wood with the Pooh and Friends birthday party theme!

Winnie the Pooh bear, created by A.A. Milne is the lovable children’s book character that kids and adults have grown to love since his beginning. “Friendship is a very comforting thing to have” said Christopher Robin in one of the famous Winnie the Pooh stories, which makes the Pooh and Friends birthday theme a perfect choice for inviting your son or daughter’s friends to their special birthday party. The gentle, heartwarming Pooh-bear storybook character along with all his 100 acre wood friends will make your friends feel warm and fuzzy all over just like the loveable Pooh Bear!

Give your living room a makeover by adding 100 acres to it!

Our party planners love the "Winnie the pooh giant birthday decorating kit" with Pooh and his pals, Eeyore, Piglet, Roo and Tigger! Roll this kit out using adhesive materials onto your living room wall for an instant backdrop to your birthday party! With this item, you get a lot of decorating for very little cost! Another fun way to welcome guests is to write all the kids’ names using permanent marker on the balloons of the 100 Acre Woods mural. If you’re looking to re-use the mural in the future, you can always write the names on removable labels and stick them to the mural. Place a sign by the front door that reads “Welcome to the 100 Acre Woods! Winnie the Pooh and (birthday child) Welcome You!”

”Tut tut, it looks like Rain!”

Just like Christopher Robin said in one of the children’s stories, create some balloon raindrops in your 100 Acre Wood party room by blowing up a few packages our teal blue balloons, attach matching ribbons to the neck of each balloon and adhere the ribbon ends to the ceiling. Like Pooh says, “Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon” and these are the kinds of raindrops that will provide instant decoration without dampering your party’s festivities!

Bouncy trouncy pouncy fun fun fun! The most wonderful thing about birthday parties is games to play!

Since a few of the games require Pooh’s hunny pot, we have come up with a sweet idea to craft one. If you’re not the crafty type, you can always use any bucket or pail and place a label on the front of it that reads “Hunny”.

Supplies needed to craft Pooh’s hunny jar: a clay pot from a craft store, brown, yellow and white craft paint.

Instructions: Paint the vase brown and let dry. Pour the yellow paint around the lip of the vase and let it drizzle down the edge of the vase to look like dripping honey. Paint the words Hunny on the front of the vase.

  • Tigger’s Bounce (new version of Gunny Sack Race): Take this game outdoors to the backyard! Provide a start line and a finish line and give each child a burlap or fabric sack. Inexpensive king sized pillow covers work well for this too. Start all the kids at the same time. The first one to cross the finish line is the winner!
  • Bees in the Hunny Pot: (new version of Peanut toss)
Items needed: Pooh’s hunny pot, clothespin bees
How to play: Toss the bee painted clothes pins into the honey jar. You may choose to increase the distance of the throw for the older children. The child with the most bees in the pot wins!
  • Pin the Bee on Pooh’s nose: For this game, we suggest using the giant mural from the decorating kit that you stuck to your living room wall. Using yellow cardstock draw and cut out bees for each invited guest to play plus a few extras just in case. Pre-write all the kids’ names onto the bees leave the extras blank.

    If you decided not to use the mural for decoration in a room you can purchase the Pooh and Friends table cover that features Piglet, hang it on the wall or a door and play “Pin the Tail on Piglet” by making little pink piglet tails from colored cardstock.
  • Tigger Toss: With the same rules as Hot Potato, use a small stuffed Tigger instead.
  • Silly old Bear, Everyone loves birthday cake!

    Using your favorite cake recipe, pour batter into two 12" round cake pans and one cup of a jumbo muffin tin then bake as directed.

    Once all three cakes are baked and cooled, assemble onto a cake stand of your choice and frost the 12” round cakes with a base of green frosting. Pipe a 2-rail wood fence around the edges of the cake using a Wilton tip 47 and brown frosting.

    Frost all sides of the mini-cake made from the jumbo muffin tin with a white frosting and make little blue stars around the edges using Wilton tip 67. Place the mini white cake on top of the green and use a Pooh shaped molded candle that matches the Pooh and Friends theme on top of the mini cake or purchase some number candles for the birthday year.

    Pooh inspired menu items from the 100 Acre Woods!

    You'll have a grandiose pooh bear time in your own version of the hundred acres woods with these fabulous menu ideas!
    • Rabbit’s Garden: In a 9x13 pan, line the bottom of pan with and parsley around the edges. Pile the middle of the pan with a selection of fresh vegetables and place stick pretzels around the edges of the pan for the fence.
    • Carrot Cake as an alternative to the child’s birthday cake for all the adult guests
    • Honey Bear graham crackers in a bowl
    • Scones with honey butter
    • Honeydew melon
    • P-P-Piglets in a blanket
    • Ingredients:
      8 frankfurters
      8 slices cheddar cheese
      1 (10oz) package biscuit dough

      Directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Wrap cheese around frankfurter and then the biscuit around the cheese. Put on cookie sheet with the overlap of biscuit dough face down. Bake about 10-15 minutes.

    Pooh Bear appreciates his friends!

    Pooh said it himself, “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” Letting your guests know that they are appreciated is always an important part to any party planning event. Kids love party swag. We suggest filling the Pooh and Friends loot bag full of surprises: birthday blowouts, pooh stickers, pooh bubbles or make it easy on yourself by purchasing our Pooh and Friends 48 piece value party favor to stuff your treat sacks!

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