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Onederful Birthday Boy

Your son deserves a wonederful birthday, good thing we made a theme to do just that! Onederful Birthday Boy uses colors of blue, red, green and orange to make his first birthday "onederful!"
Onederful Birthday Boy 9oz Hot-Cold Cup
Onederful Birthday Boy Beverage Napkin
Onederful Birthday Boy Lunch Napkin
Onederful Birthday Boy Dessert Plate
Onederful Birthday Boy Dinner Plate
Onederful Birthday Boy Tablecover
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Onederful Birthday Boy 18" Foil Balloon
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Blue Cupcake Treat Bags
White Cupid Hearts
Blue and White Cupid Hearts
Buttermints 1st Birthday Boy
7" Red Plates
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7" True Blue Plates
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7" Purple Plates
9 oz Purple Cups
9" Purple Plates
75 ft Purple Curl Ribbon
24 pc Purple Cutlery
50 ct Purple Drink Napkins
50 ct Purple Lunch Napkins
81 ft Purple Crepe Streamer
Decorative Purple Tablecover
12" Pearl Purple Balloons
What a wonderful time in a parents life to mark the first year anniversary of your baby’s birth. Show your friends, family and the Onederful Birthday Boy how special he is by decorating his party with this theme.

Onederful Boy Birthday Ideas

A clever play on words, our Onederful Birthday Boy theme never fails to impress! Featuring the important number one, colorbursts, stars and sparkle shapes bursting out of the decorations, these shapes provide opportunity for creativity in decorating for your wonderful birthday boy.

Some tips from our party planning experts:

  • Check your local firework laws to see if sparklers are legal. Sparklers for kids are a great form of entertainment, and match the firework look from this theme perfectly!
  • To make the sparkle theme continue throughout the party, line the gift table with Christmas lights and tulle for affect.
  • Bright colors are easy to find in foods to serve at your party. Treats like popsicles, jello, and sorbet ice cream look great and taste even better.
  • If you are putting on a BBQ, putting your condiments in bowls looks super colorful, and provides that pop of matching color on your table.
  • This theme uses stars, and large number ones. Making shapes with sugar cookies and allowing your guests to decorate them is fun, matching and delicious!