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Minnie's Bow-tique Birthday Party Supplies

Pink, celery green, and periwinkle Minnie Bows birthday decorations for your little one's big celebration!

Celebrate her birthday in high fashion with the original Disney diva, Minnie Mouse! This wonderful Disney character, Minerva “Minnie” Mouse, was originally created by Walt Disney in 1928 to co-star with his other famous cartoon character, Mickey Mouse. She’s become well loved by girls of many ages around the world, with her girly-girl outfit, big bows, and her oversized high-heeled shoes. Your little girl and her friends are bound to love the “fashionista” look of all the Minnie Bow-tique supplies.

Minnie herself adorns all of the party supplies, such as invitations, cups, plates, napkins and table covers in pretty colors of candy pink, green and periwinkle. Additional Minnie's Bow-tique Decorations include confetti, balloons, centerpieces, banners, streamers and party danglers. If you really want to send your little girl’s birthday party over the top, check out our activities, games, and favor items that will be perfect for all the Minnie-loving Mouseketeers at your party!
Minnie Mouse Closeout Items
Minnie Mouse Clubhouse Party Kit
Minnie's Bow-tique Party Invitations
Minnie's Bow-tique Thank You Cards
Minnie's Bow-tique Sticker Pack
Minnie's Bow-tique 9 oz Hot/Cold Paper Cups
Minnie's Bow-tique 7-inch Square Dessert Plates
Minnie's Bow-tique 9-inch Square Dinner Plates
Minnie's Bow-tique 16 oz Hot/Cold Keepsake Cup
Minnie's Bow-tique Drink Napkins
Minnie's Bow-tique Lunch Napkins
Minnie's Bow-tique Party Tablecover
Minnie's Bow-tique Tabletop Centerpiece
Minnie's Bow-tique Birthday Confetti
Minnie's Bow-tique Tiered Cupcake Holder
Mickey’s Clubhouse Baking Cups
Mickey’s Clubhouse Molded Candle
Minnie Mouse 18" Foil Happy Birthday
Minnie Mouse Super Shape 27" Foil Balloon
Mickey Mouse Super Shape 27" Foil Balloon
Minnie Mouse Pinata
Minnie Mouse 11" Latex Assorted
Minnie's Bow-tique Happy Birthday Banner
Minnie's Bow-tique Decorative Crepe Streamer
Minnie's Bow-tique Birthday Mural
Mickey and Minnie Large Moveable Decorations
Mickey's Clubhouse Moveable Decorations
Minnie's Bow-tique Character Danglers
Minnie's Bow-tique Party Favor Pack 48-pcs
Minnie's Bow-tique Birthday Favor Boxes
Minnie's Bow-tique Birthday Loot Bags
Minnie Mouse Lip Gloss Necklace
Minnie's Bow-tique Water Color Boards
Minnie's Bow-tique Temporary Tattoos
Minnie's Bow-tique Mini Coloring Posters
Minnie's Bow-tique Party Sticker Box Favors
Minnie's Bow-tique Party Blowout Favors
Minnie's Bow-tique Mini Coloring Puzzles
Mickey’s Clubhouse Wristbands
Mickey & Minnie Yo-Yo Favors
Minnie's Bow-tique Party Cone Hats
Minnie's Bow-tique Prize Ribbon
Minnie's Bow-tique Pin the Bow Game
Soft Minnie Mouse Ears with Polka Dot Bow
Velvet Mickey Ears
Mickey Wizard Hat
Velvet Minnie Ears with Pink Bow
Soft Mickey Mouse Ears and Gloves Set
Mickey’s Clubhouse Plastic Ears
Mickey’s Clubhouse Paper Ears on Foil Headband
Minnie Mouse Party Decorations Tip

Minnie Mouse Party

Did you know? The comic strip series "The Gleam" (1942) by Merrill De Maris and Floyd Gottfredson was the first to announce Minnie's full name of Minerva Mouse!

Fun for any birthday party, here are some facts about Minnie to use in a trivia game:
  • When Minnie was first created, and not yet named, her favorite color was purple, and she was dressed as a flapper to reflect the popular youth culture at the time!
  • Minnie has an entire family! First introduced in the comic strip story of "Mr. Slicker and the Egg Robbers, her father Marcus Mouse and unnamed mother debuted on their farm. In the same story her grandparents Marshall and Mathilda Mouse also appeared. Minnie also has an uncle named Mortimer, twin neices named Millie and Melody, and a sister named Mandie Mouse!
  • Mickey and Minnie first met in the film "Plane Crazy," where Minnie accepts an invitation for a plane ride with Mickey. Mickey forces a kiss on Minnie, so she parachutes out of the plane! What a daring mouse!
  • There has been speculation that the movie King Kong may have been made based on the short film of The Gorilla Mystery in which a gorilla escapes from the zoo and attempts to kidnap Minnie. Mickey saves her and at the end of the film, they restrain the gorilla with rope. The theme of "kidnap by gorilla" is used only three years later in King Kong.
  • Minnie's cat Figaro first debuted in the movie Pinocchio!
  • In a short called "The Picnic" Minnie introduces her new pet dog, Rover, to Mickey. Famously known as "Pluto", Rover was his original name! This was Pluto's first appearance as an individual character.
  • The idea of Mickey, and later Minnie, came from Walt Disney's pet mouse from the farm where he grew up.
  • Ever wonder where Minnie and Mickey's gloves came from? Supposedly one reason for adding the white gloves was to allow audiences to distinguish the characters' hands when they appeared against their bodies, as both were black. The characters weren't in color until later. The three black lines on the backs of the gloves represent darts in the gloves' fabric extending from between the digits of the hand, typical of kid glove design of the era.
Some DIY ideas for more Minnie and other Disney characters into your First Birthday Girl Supplies:
  • Print out coloring pages of Disney characters. You can use them as placemats on the table, and the kids can color them as an activity!
  • Let the girls of the party make their own Minnie hair bows by using fabric paint or markers to decorate solid ribbon before they tie them in their hair.
  • Minnie's best friend is Daisy duck, give the birthday girl's friends the option of being Daisy for the day with name tags!
  • Give them all Minnie Mouse noses with black face paint!
  • Using black balloons, make them Minnie ear headbands by attaching balloons to any normal headband!
  • Any boys coming to the party? They can be Mickey for the day on their name tags.
  • Want a cheap but reusable party favor? Give all the party guests white cotton gloves that they can use year round, to make them look more like Minnie/Mickey for the day!
  • Play a game of Disney charades at the party, and have all the friends and relatives be assigned to a character that they'll act out in front of everyone!
  • Use the play on words of "Minnie" and "mini" to give the guest "Minnie prizes" after games!
  • Play pin-the-tail on Minnie as one of the party games!
Minnie Mouse's Clubhouse is a wonderful birthday party theme to reflect the lovely Minnie Mouse and her favorite color purple, with products ranging from her 1st birthday cake candle, to birthday wall decorations, to Disney birthday invitations, you're sure to make her special day a success!

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