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Mickey's First Birthday

Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday Decorations! Everyone loves Mickey Mouse! For your little mousekateer's first birthday party, mickey's first birthday is the perfect theme. With accent colors like light green, pastel blue, and yellow, this classic Mickey theme will never disappoint!

Mickey's 1st Birthday Fill In Invitations
Mickey's 1st Birthday Thank You Cards
Mickey's 1st Birthday Stickers
Mickey's 1st Birthday 7" Plates
Mickey's 1st Birthday 9" Plates
Mickey's 1st Birthday 9 oz Cups
Mickey's 1st Birthday Drink Napkins
Mickey's 1st Birthday Lunch Napkins
Mickey's 1st Birthday Tablecover
Mickey's 1st Birthday Confetti
Mickey's 1st Birthday Centerpiece
Mickey's 1st Birthday Cupcake Holder
Mickey's 1st Birthday Balloon Bouquet
Mickey's 1st Birthday 33" SuperShape Foil Balloon
Mickey's 1st Birthday Foil Balloon
Sweet Little Cupcake Boy 36" SuperShape Balloon
Mickey's 1st Birthday High Chair Decorating Kit
Mickey's 1st Birthday Molded Candle
Mickey's 1st Birthday Bib
Mickey's 1st Birthday Guest of Honor Hat
Mickey's 1st Birthday Plastic Birthday Banner
Mickey's 1st Birthday Favor Boxes
Mickey's 1st Birthday Cone Hats
Mickey's 1st Birthday Blowouts
Mickey's 1st Birthday Favor Bags
Keepsake Blue Birthday Bib
Keepsake Blue Seersucker Birthday Hat
Cupcake Wrap and Pick Set in Blue
Striped Mini Paper Flag Picks in Blue
Buttermints 1st Birthday Boy
Mickey and Minnie Large Moveable Decorations
Mickey's Clubhouse Moveable Decorations
Sweet At One Boy Candle
White Cupid Hearts
Blue and White Cupid Hearts
Soft ABC Building Blocks - Melissa & Doug
Velvet Mickey Ears
Velvet Minnie Ears with Pink Bow
Mickey Wizard Hat
Soft Mickey Mouse Ears and Gloves Set
Mickey’s Clubhouse Table Cover Mickey
Mickey’s Clubhouse Centerpiece
Mickey’s Clubhouse Confetti
Mickey’s Clubhouse Molded Candle
Mickey’s Clubhouse Party Backdrop
Mickey’s Clubhouse Happy Birthday Banner-Plastic
Mickey’s Clubhouse Streamer
Mickey’s Clubhouse Wall Decoration
Mickey’s Clubhouse Danglers
Mickey’s Clubhouse Award Ribbon
Mickey’s Clubhouse Crazy Straws
Mickey’s Clubhouse Cupcake Holders
Mickey’s Clubhouse Baking Cups
Mickey’s Clubhouse Blowouts
Mickey’s Clubhouse Bounce Balls
Mickey’s Clubhouse Bubbles
Mickey’s Clubhouse Goody Bag
Mickey’s Clubhouse Paper Ears on Foil Headband
Mickey’s Clubhouse Temporary Tattoo
Mickey’s Clubhouse Party Favor Pac
Mickey’s Clubhouse Party Game
Mickey’s Clubhouse Party Picks
Mickey’s Clubhouse Plastic Ears
Mickey’s Clubhouse Puzzles
Mickey’s Clubhouse Spinning Tops
Mickey’s Clubhouse Favor Boxes
Mickey’s Clubhouse Treat Sacks
Mickey’s Clubhouse Wristbands
Mickey & Minnie Yo-Yo Favors
Mickey's Clubhouse 18" Foil Balloon Mickey
Minnie Mouse 18" Foil Happy Birthday
Minnie Mouse 11" Latex Assorted
Mickey Mouse Super Shape 27" Foil Balloon
Minnie Mouse Super Shape 27" Foil Balloon
Mickey Mouse Pinata
Minnie Mouse Pinata
7" Baby Blue Plates
9" Baby Blue Plates
9 oz Baby Blue Cups
50 ct Baby Blue Drink Napkins
50 ct Baby Blue Lunch Napkins
Decorative Baby Blue Tablecover
24 pc Baby Blue Cutlery
75 ft Pastel Blue Curl Ribbon
81 ft Baby Blue Crepe Streamer
12" Silk Blue Latex Balloon
Pastel Blue Star Balloon 18"
7" Celery Plates
9" Celery Plates
9 oz Celery Cups
50 ct Celery Drink Napkins
50 ct Celery Lunch Napkins
Decorative Celery Tablecover
75 ft Celery Curl Ribbon
81 ft Lime Crepe Streamer
24 pc Celery Cutlery
9 oz White Cups
12" Silk White Latex Balloon
75 ft White Curl Ribbon
24 pc White Cutlery
50 ct White Drink Napkins
50 ct White Lunch Napkins
81 ft White Crepe Streamer
Decorative White Tablecover
12" Satin Royal Blue Balloons
75 ft True Blue Curl Ribbon
Use everyone’s favorite mouse of all time to celebrate your baby boy’s first birthday experience with Mickey’s 1st Birthday. Featuring a cuddly Baby Mickey character, fill your home with Disney magic!

Mickey’s 1st Birthday

Celebrate your little boy's first birthday in style with our adorable Mickey’s 1st Birthday party supplies. This fun Birthday Party Theme features sweet baby Mickey ready for a hug in soft shades of blue, yellow, and green; perfect for a little boy’s first birthday party.

Here are some party planning tips from our birthday committee:

  • With a great selection of solid color party supplies that you can mix and match you can create a professionally-coordinated look for your little one’s special day.
  • Choose from table covers, streamers, curling ribbon and so much more.
  • Pastel blue and light yellow streamers twisted together and hung from the ceiling or outdoors make a perfect party accent for this theme.
  • Everybody loves cupcakes! And won’t they look delicious baked in pastel blue baking cups, frosted with soft yellow icing and sprinkled with sparkling sugar! Present one to each of your guests as an easy and less expensive alternative to cake.
  • Our Mickey’s Clubhouse birthday party theme, features everything from crazy straws to tops, and even pre-packed goody bags, so you’re sure to find everything you need to give your party guests something fun to take home as a reminder of this special day.

Add some more fun to your Mickey birthday party with these facts about the world's most famous mouse. Use them in a fun trivia game!
  • Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks created Mickey Mouse in 1928. At the time, Walt Disney himself voiced the new Mickey character. The Walt Disney Company celebrates Mickey's birth date as November 18, 1928, when he made his public debut in an animated short called Steamboat Willie.
  • When Walt Disney's Oswald Series fell through, he tossed around several other ideas for characters before thinking of Mickey. Mr. Disney drew the inspiration from a pet mouse he had as a child while growing up on a farm.
  • Did you ever wonder why Mickey and Minnie wear white gloves? One reason, supposedly, for adding the gloves was to make it easier for audiences see the character's hands when up against their bodies; since their skin was black, the hands weren't visible enough. Mickey did not appear in color for the first time until 1935. The 3 black lines on the backs of the gloves are fabric "darts" extending from between the fingers on each hand. This touch was typical of the design of children's gloves at the time.
  • In November of 1978, in honor of Mickey's 50th anniversary, he became the first cartoon character to be awarded a star on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • There has always been some popularity competition between Mickey Mouse and Warner Bros. Bugs Bunny character. However, in 1988 the two rivals shared screen time for the first time in Robert Zemeckis' film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". The Walt Disney Corporation and Warner Bros. agreed that each character would receive exactly the same amount of time on the screen, right down to the micro-second!
  • How did Mickey meet Minnie, his girlfriend? It was during their first appearance together, in the film "Plane Crazy", where Mickey actually tried to kiss her!
  • Believe it or not, the original name for Mickey was Mortimer Mouse! But Lillian, Walt Disney's wife, convinced him to change it to a more child-friendly name. Mortimer did end up as a Disney creation, however, when Walt decided to use the name for Mickey's rival character!

  • If you are looking to plan a party for older kids, we also stock a complete line of Mickey Mouse Party Supplies.

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Sweet At One - Boy
Mickey's Clubhouse Moveable Decorations
MSRP: $3.49
Our price: $3.14
1 sheet of about 20 decorations
Mickey and Minnie Large Moveable Decorations
MSRP: $9.99
Our price: $8.99
one large 17" x 24" sheet