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1st Birthday Party Games & Activities

Shop our great selection of First Birthday Games and Activities to set the mood for a great 1st birthday party!

First Birthday Games

When hosting a child's birthday party you’ll want to have plenty of games and activities available to keep them busy and entertained. Even if you're hosting a 1st birthday party, there are bound to be kids of other ages in attendance. One great classic is “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”. At we carry theme-matching "Pin" games like Lady Bug Birthdaythat allow children to stick an item to a board while blindfolded. They’ll have so much fun watching each other pin their items in the silliest places! Coloring books are also another great option for entertaining children during the party, and they can then take them home as a party favor when the festivities come to a close. Our Sesame Street Birthday Party has a super cute activity book that your party guests will love to take home. Set up a craft table for children to make simple take-home items; have them color masks, or make sand art. Of course games require prizes, so be sure to check out our great selection of party favors, treat bags, and more for great game prize ideas. We carry stickers, blow outs, and lots of other fun things that young children will love to take home. For small children, keep the games simple such as “Ring Around the Rosy”, “Hide and Seek”, or a rousing round of "Peek-a-Boo"; remember that really young children have short attention spans and tend to tire easily so don’t overwhelm them. But above all, have fun! One of our most fun birthday party themes is Monkey Birthday Party. Check it out for some great birthday ideas!