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First Party
Discontinued Pattern-Limited Quantities-No Returns

Great discounts are available on "First Party" Birthday Decorations. This Money Saving Pattern has higher quantity "Value Packs" of cups, plates, napkins, invitations, and thank you cards! First Birthday theme uses accent colors purple, green, blue and red to brighten your child's birthday party!
Throw a timeless first birthday with First Party, full of primary colors, this theme works great for any gender!

First Party Birthday Ideas

First Party is a very colorful yet generic birthday theme! It can be used for both boys and girls, using a lot of primary colors like red, blue and yellow; with accent colors of pink, purple and green. A theme like this allows you to be creative with your personal choices of party details!

Some party planning ideas from our team of experts:

  • With so many balloons on these decorations, blowing up first birthday balloons and letting them free float on the ceiling can be a great decoration tactic. To make strings shorter, curl the ribbon so you and your guests can walk below a canopy of balloons without them getting too in the way!
  • Also, having so many balloons looks amazing in photos. Such bright colors also serve as a great backdrop and help faces stand out.
  • There are several games that serve well at parties. One is a water balloon toss if it's nice outside! Just be sure to pick up the scraps.
  • You can give out prizes to your guests by number, fill balloons with numbered slips of paper and have numbers on the bottom of party favors that decides their prize!
  • Primary colors lend themselves to a circus theme! If you want to use these decorations and hang the streamers to look like a circus tent top, and have face painting and maybe a clown, you have a circus!
  • Have a coloring station using all the crayon colors in your decorations. Have the kids hang their pictures on the wall when they're done! They'll be personalized decorations that they can take home to their parents when they're done!
  • Stackable blocks are a great activity for both guys and girls. Set up a station for young kids where they can play with all the primary colored blocks. Be sure to take photos of the kids while they build things, because you can send families photos of their kids in action with your thank you notes!
  • Make a really colorful food buffet! Have your condiments in bowls instead of bottles for a pop of color for BBQ. Make fruit and vegetable plates with foods like carrots, broccoli, grapes, bananas, strawberries etc.
  • Have large jars of candy to give away in guessing games or as prizes for your other activities! Use jelly beans, or other small, brightly-colored candies to also serve as a decoration!
  • Use a bundle of really large and colorful lollipops as centerpieces! These are pretty and can also serve as your party favors for your guests to take home!