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1st Birthday Party Favors

100+ 1st birthday favors, treat bags, and gifts

Over 100 choices for favors, treat bags, games, and more.

Shop our great selection of First Birthday Party Favors and Treats to send your little guests home with a special reminder of a fun day!

First Birthday Party Favors

Birthday party favors can be traced back to the tradition of giving wedding party favors. They are small tokens of appreciation to express gratitude for your guest's attendance. Today, favors are given at many children's birthday parties as a "thank you" from the host. This Western tradition has also spread to many other countries as well. Party favors are an important part of any birthday party! Most importantly, after receiving gifts all day from everyone else, it's your turn to give your guests a little something; and everyone enjoys receiving a gift, no matter how small.

Birthday party favors can usually fit inside a bag or other small container, such as a favor bag or box, and most of our birthday party themes offer great treat sacks or cello bags for exactly this purpose. Our adorable Mickeys First Birthday Party and Minnies First Birthday Party have a wonderful selection of matching party favors. For the most part, favors can be ordered in bulk to cut down on expense, and can then be added to candy and other sweet treats in favor bags or boxes. Some great ideas for inexpensive birthday party favors are blow outs, stickers, coloring books, and other small gifts tucked inside a treat box or cello bag. Attach a great little “Thank you for coming” tag and you’re all set!