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1st Birthday Candles

1st Birthday Candle Red Outline
1st Birthday Candle Glitter Rainbow
Red Outline 1 Candle
1st Birthday Candle Polka Dots
Glitter Boys 1 Candle
Polka Dots 1 Candle
1st Birthday Candle Tall Number Picks
1st Birthday Candle Happy 1st Birthday Picks
1st Cupcake 1st Birthday Pick Candle
Barnyard Bash Pick Candles
Fairytale Princess 1st Birthday Candle
Garden Fairy 1st Birthday Candle
Barnyard Bash Molded Candle
Pooh Birthday Molded Candle 1st General
Mickey’s Clubhouse Molded Candle
Tie Dye Fun Candle
Big 1 Dots Boy 1st Birthday Candle
Big 1 Dots Girl 1st Birthday Candle
First Party 1st Birthday Candle
Celebrate 1 Boy 1st Birthday Candle
Celebrate 1 Girl 1st Birthday Candle
Jungle Buddies 1st Birthday Candle
Fun At One Boy 1st Birthday Candle
Fun At One Girl 1st Birthday Candle
Boys 1st Birthday Pick Candles
Girls 1st Birthday Pick Candles
Onederful Birthday Boy Decorative Pick Candles
Fun To Be One Boy Birthday Candle
Fun To Be One Girl Birthday Candle
Lil Lady Molded Candle Set
First Rebel One Birthday Candle
First Angel One Birthday Candle
Hugs and Stitches Boy Candle
Hugs and Stitches Girl Candle
Mod Butterfly Candle Set
Her Highness Candle
Monster Mania Candle
Big Top Birthday Candle
Jungle Animals Mini Molded Cake Candles
Mickey's 1st Birthday Molded Candle
Minnie's 1st Birthday Molded Candle
Adorable Jungle Monkey Candle
Sesame Street First Birthday Molded Candle Set
Ocean Preppy Boy "1" Molded Party Candle
Ocean Preppy Boy Birthday Pick Candle Set
Ladybug Fancy "1" Molded Party Candle
Ocean Preppy Girl "1" Molded Party Candle
Ocean Preppy Girl Birthday Pick Candle Set
Mr Turtle "1" Molded Party Candle
Groovy Girl Party Cake Banner Kit with Candles
Disney 1st Birthday Princess Molded Candle Set
Cars 1st Birthday Champ Molded Candle Set
Shop our outstanding selection of First Birthday Candles to set the mood for a great 1st birthday party!

First Birthday Candles

At we stock a great assortment of birthday party candles to match our birthday party themes and decorations.from Elmo's first birthday party to Mickey's First Birthdayand a wide variety of generic candles as well, to meet your decorating needs. Having more than one party? Perhaps you’re celebrating with your family, and again on a separate date with friends? Be sure to order more than one so you’ll have a fresh candle for each cake.

Candle lighting has long been associated with different events in a person's life. Christmas candles are lit to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, and celebratory candles are used on graduation day. These are just a few of the events that we mark with candles. The Ancient Greeks were no strangers to lighting candles either. They regularly burnt candles as offerings to their gods and goddesses. The original birthday cake and birthday candles probably did not resemble what is used now, but had a more significant meaning attached. It was a way to honor the Greek goddess Artemis, who was the Moon goddess. The round cake was to symbolize the moon, and the candles as the moonlight that was shed.

There were also other meanings attached to the candles. The birthday candle on top of the cake was said to be lit as an offering, and it was also thought to ward off evil spirits. Some cultures believed that candle lighting times were joyous occasions to offer homage to the gods and goddesses of their belief system. Today, you always have that one time of year when you can count on candles being lit in your honor. Your birthday is a time of celebration for you and your family. To make a wish and blow out the candles is a custom that has been passed down through the ages. If you blow them all out your wish will come true, but you have to keep the wish a secret… If you tell anyone, it won’t come true!

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